All Fungtinon hardware of computer

Casing is place for encasing components of hardware; casing is used as place for protecting components of hardware from dust nuisance. Usually casing
Often said as CPU, but actually casing as tool box of computer that consist of components of hardware. Casing has many functions like;
# To protect all of components, from things like dust, water, and also heating resistance and other dirt, when is being working.
# Casing is tool that important as a place of knobs and lamps of components.
# Casing is tool that important because almost all of components, those are using casing as place for working those every day.
# Casing has duty as a home of components that given energy for all of components.
Casing has some form such as;

Casing desktop is casing that form like box that has long measure for about 50-60 cm and width for about 30-40 cm. but currently never marketable because already came up modernistic.

Casing Tower is casing that has space wider, so that temperature in casing can heat resisting and easier for adding to other components. Casing Tower has some kinds;
– Mini tower
– Middle Tower
– Drive Bay

CPU/Processor is component that organized as chip and has form square that main of leader for working computer, and it is helping by other components, and speed of CPU/Processor has unit measure it is hertz or clock cycles, now processor for computer has speed until Giga Hertz. Unit of measure 1 Giga Hertz identify with hertz and even now speed already until more than 3 Giga hertz with processor for Pentium IV, some kinds functions of CPU/Processor.
– CPU/Processor as place for administering all instruction of computer Program
– CPU/Processor as Organizer all activities that connected in computer.
– CPU/Processor is hardware that comprehends and for conducting command, data from Software,
– CPU/Processor is hardware that working with arithmetic and logic concerning to data that contained in memory and it is input through unit like keyboard, scanner etc.

Some Designer of CPU/Processor That Have created They Are
– ITD – INTEL – Etc.


– As leader for arranging some activities from all of components that already connected on motherboard,
– As arranger gift electrical power to every components.
– as place for attaching or despising all of components like Processor, Memory, VGA Card, Sound Card, Etc.
– As transferer media data from components in computer when there are. Activities.
Power Supply is component of hardware that bound in casing, power supply is box of electrical voltage, usually power supply patch in behind of casing. Power supply as place for canalizing electric current to all components computer. And one of components of power supply that most important is cooling like heat sink. That has a fan.
This component has some connections that in circuit to components like:
– CD – ROM
The functions of Power Supply are; change a tension AC become DC and supply of tension directly to components of hardware that needful current the of motherboard work.
Some things that must known that power supply has connector with term like.
– Connector 20 pin ATX it is needful by motherboard therefore put into slot of motherboard.
– Molex Connector that must put in slot of hard disk and slot of CD-Rom

Size of diagonal screen, there are: 14, 15, 17, and 21 inch.
Resolution on pixel, it is quantity of element picture (pixel), (horizontal and vertical) usually 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×120.
Dot pitch between pixel begin from 0, 25 until 0,30mm,
Keyboard is hardware of computer as main tool I/O that given input of command and data to computer. Keyboard is differentiated based on quantity and completeness of knob functions that available, 101-key enhanced, 104-key windows, 83-key PC and XT and 83-key AT.
MOUSE is hardware of computer as pointing device that is used for giving input command of computer that use system operation. Mouse used for moving cursor after we choosed area and element pictures that step forward of screen. Some of kinds connector for connecting mouse to computer there are, Mouse serial pin, mouse PS/2, Mouse USB.
Bolt is one of tool of hardware, we have known bolt is used for tightening other tools that has available place that must lightening. So function of bolt same with that needful by hardware of computer, as tightening of hardware.
And also for lightening bolt of hardware we must use tools like screwdriver and also pliers.
I hope your knowledge about computer technology.


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