Hardware of Computer


CPU is acrinym from ( Central Processing Unit ) the other term of CPU is Processor, processor said brain of computer and main of computer leader is helped by other components
CPU has socket that already available on motherboard some people sais CPU is all of components that is in casing, But it is not.
Processor is componentx that organized as chip and has form square that main of leader for working computer, and it is helping by other components, anf speed of processor has unit measure it is hertz measure 1 Giga herts identify with 1.0000.0000.000 hertz and even now speed already until more tahn 3 Giga Hertz with processor for pentium IV, some kinds functions of CPU/Processor

The Functions of Processor such as ;

– Processor as place of administering all intructions of computer
– Processor is hardware that comprehends and for conducting command, data from software
– Processor is hardwre that working with arihmetic and logic concerning to data that contained in memory and it is input through unit like keyboard, scanner etc.

some designer of CPU/processor that have created they are;


Motherboard is consistutent part of component of harware motherboard a place for connecting all components of hardware make it for cooperating so taht computer can run well. motherboard can be differnciated by type of processor that support and form factor ( form and measure )from motherboard, that socket given, main componentsof mainboard consist of socket processor chipset, super I/O chip, rom bios, socket memory, slot bus , voltage, regulator, batteru CMOS.


– As leader for arranging some activities from all of components that already connected on motherboard
– As arranger gift electrical power to every components
– As place for attaching or desing all of components like processor, Memory, VGA, Sounds card, etc.
– As transferer media data from components in computer when there is activities.


Power Suply is component of hardware that bound in casing, power supply is box of electrical voltage, usually power supply patch behind of casing, power supply as place for canalizing electric current to all components computer. and one of components of power supply taht most important is cooling like heatsink fan
This component has some conneting That in circuit to components like;
floppy disk drive

The function of power supply are a tension Aaaaac become DC and supply of tension directly to components of hardware that needful current the motherboard
some thins that must known that power supply has connector with term like

– connector 20 pin ATX it is needful by motherboard therefore put into slot of motherboard.
– molex connector that must put in slot hard disk and slot of CD-Drive
– floppy connector that must put in slot of floppy.


Memory of compute is “room of working” from processor for locating of intruction and program data hat is operating and saving data output from program execution, memory is component that most importan incomputer.


– ROM ( Random Only Memory )
Rom is memory that just can be red and has the quality that permanent or ( Non Volatile ). Chip rom in motherboard, rom uses for saving program that rotine and for process booting of computer so taht can directly access by processor.The function of rom for helping process of computer working.

– Ram ( Random Access memory )
Ram is memory that can be red can be filled and can be changed depend on requrement. The function of ram for saving data and intruction from software thar is operating by computer. kinds of ram there are ; SDRAM ( static ram ), DRAM ( Dynamic ram ).


Hard disk is compionent of computer that has form is square that comprising a platter, head, electronic plank, for operating other components hard disk is determinable by capacity begin at 5 Giga byte until 80 Giga byte, approprite witj requrement, and also hard disk had rapadity begin at 5400 Rpm, &200 Rpm, 10.000 rpm Etc.
some kinds of hard disk that ever used there are IDE, SATA, SCSI. the funtions of hard disk there are ;

– one of tool for booting computer
– media for saving operatins system ( OS ) that is used for computer
– media for saving all of data in capacity that great of computer, and principal function of hard disk as media for saving or storage data
arranging of components hard disk included with ; storage place, board of series, head for reading/writing, head activator, setting regulator.

Floppy Disk Drive
Floppy drive is componen of hardware that is used for saving data in computer for log time ; disk drive has two heads they are read and write.one part of every side of floppy disc, disc turned of drive with speed 300 until 6000 Rpm head ranged with tangential of track data for rading and writing data
kinds of floppy disc drive are ;l

3 1/2 incs, 1, 44 MB drive
3 1/2 incs, 2, 88 MB drive
5 1/2 incs, 1, 2 MB drive

VGA ( Video Graphic Adapter)

VGa Card is component of hardware that organized as electronic card that has function for connecting to motherboard with monitor. and alaso VGA card has function as show image graphis of monitor . VGA card most importan for showing output process to monitor. if computer without VGA card did not show monitor or blang, VGA cadr has main components there are ; GPU ( Graphic Processor Unit ) the function for processing signal picture that will step forward to monitor


Heatsink fan is component of hardware that puts dawn on processor, heatsink formed of aluminium and on which has fan that will continous loop when switch-on computer
HSF is something that needful because almost all components of hardware using HSF besude processor like VGA Card, Hard Disk, Usually heat sink was completed by a fan thta used for guarding temperature keep cool.


– processor cab not be used if heatsink fan do not used on processor
– for guarding air circulation in casing
– Absorptive air by that hot by dint of processor when it is working and it is completed by fan on processor, so keep temperature cool.


Sound card is componen hardware of computer that organized as chipset of motherboard or PCB card ( Printed Circuit Board ) that fixed to slot of motherboard, by having four main components for tarnslating analog and digital.
the functions of sund card as process or data of audio and voice a, and also as connector output audio to speaker and also as connecting input voice to computer through microphone.

Cable data Connector

is one of tool that importan is used for connecting components of hardware like hard disk, floppy disc drive, cd-drive, that connecting to slot that available on motherboard.


Monitor is one of component of computer that has function for showing all kinds of data/information that have processed by computer, like data that output or input of computer.
in oher that monitor can show texts and graphic it must be connected with VGA ( Video Graphic Adapter ).
Knds of monitor differentciated based on technology of screen type monitors they are;
CTR ( cathode ray tube ) display
Flat panel Display/LCD
size of diagonal, there are 14, 15, 17, and 21 inch.
resolution on pixel, it is quantity of element picture ( pixel ). ( horizontal and vertical ) usually 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×120.
dot pitch between pixel begin from 0,25 until 0,30mm.


Keyboard is hardware of computer as main tool I/O that given input of command and data to computer, keyboard is diffeerent ciated based on quantity and completeness of knob function tahu available, 101-key enhanced, 104-key windows, 83-key Pc and XT and 83-key AT.


MOUSE is hardware of computer as pointing device that used for giving input command of computer that use system operation. mouse is used for moving cursor after we choosed are and element picture that step forward of screen. some of kinds connector for connecting mouse to computer there are,
Mouse serial pin
Mouse PS/2,
Mouse USB


BOLT is one of tool of computer, we have knoen bolt is used for tightening other tools that has available place that must lightening.so functon of bolt smae with that needfull bt hardware of computer, as tightening of hardware.
and also for lightening bolt of hardware we must use tools like screwdrivwr and a;so pliers.


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